I gotta do this singing stuff ..lol

Gosh, when have I --never-- sung?

It wouldn't be wrong for me to say – I grew up singing.


As a child I loved going to our local Fellowship with my grandmother because there was music!!

I couldn't read the words, but that didn't stop me ..I just pretended I was reading & sang my little heart out!! ..lol


When we went on trips, she sang & I, from the backseat, would sing along.

I remember how that if I sang – just a little different – than she, it would sound really nice, so I kept doin' it.

Now you know me secret.. just sing differnet ..lol


At the age of 5 or 6, I was walking with my girlfriend & singing the song that was to be sung at my babysitter's daughter's wedding. 

Now there's a mouthfull & there's gotta be a song in there somewhere ..lol

Anyway, the song was – Sugar in the morning.”

Debbie said I sang “pretty.”


As we walked we were holding hands & when she said that, for some reason on one of the upward swings she got her first kiss .. on her hand of course .. lol


Nooo, it was some years later before I learned that singin' to a pretty girl could find the singer bein' rewarded with a kiss ..lol


At home I would sit in front of the record player – listen & sing along.

Gospel .. Country .. Pop .. Rock & Roll If it was music, I sang it! ..lol


As I walked to & from school .. I sang.

A couple of times I have worked as an orderly in nursing homes & I did my work singing in the rooms & halls.
I was called "the singing orderly." ..lol

And as a stocker & sack boy.”

Gosh, remember those days?

I sang as I stocked the shelves & when I carried groceries out to cars.


The manager seemed to think I was to do my work quietly.”

So he decided to do something about it & put me in the coolers to stock milk, eggs etc.


I had not been given notice of the change in positions & let me tell ya, it was COLD in there!

Soooo I sang to warm me up ..lol

But that created a problem.


People would open the doors, hear me singing & then stand there with the doors open as they listened ..lol

Dear ole manager gave up, let out & allowed me to sing when/where ever..lol 


Told ya, I really L*O*V*E to sing!!!!! ...¿lol?